CWL workshop Feb. 29: reflections on justice, life membership and strategic plan

Eleven CWL councils were represented at a CWL workshop Feb. 29 in Saskatoon. (Photo by Connie McGrath, CWL)

By Connie McGrath, Catholic Women’s League

The Cathedral of the Holy Family CWL hosted a workshop Saturday, Feb. 29, for Our Lady of Grace Region. Nine of the 10 Saskatoon councils were represented, plus councils from St. Mary, Lanigan, and St. Michael, Tramping Lake.

Ingrid Eggerman, president of Saskatoon CWL Diocese and Audrey Zimmerman, president-elect welcomed members.

Ingrid Eggerman and Audrey Zimmerman welcomed CWL members to the workshop Feb. 29 in Saskatoon. (Photo by Connie McGrath, CWL)

Marlene VanDresar, past-president, guided members through spiritual and social justice reflections. She said Pope Francis encourages us to create a culture of care by embracing social love. Others know this as social justice. Pope Francis calls us to intervene in the concerns for the planet and “Care for Our Common Home.” We can join heaven and earth by connecting to God in the Eucharist. It is a privilege to do so, VanDresar described.

Mary Nordick, co-president of St. Philip Neri CWL, was introduced as a Life Member. This honour gives her a permanent place on the national council, voting privileges, a voice in affairs and eligibility for a national appointment. With privilege comes responsibility. A Life Member is expected to provide support and active service in her own parish council and be available to serve, as facilitator/mentor when requested at all League levels.

Mary Nordick explains the responsibilities of being awarded Life Membership (Photo by Connie McGrath, CWL)

Connie Crichton and Margot de la Gorgendiere explained the five-year Strategic Plan, (started two years ago) which aims to revamp the CWL organization. The eight standing committees (and 35 subcommittees) are being merged into three strong foundational pillars: Faith; Service; Social Justice. Councils are free to prioritize but are encouraged to be as active as time and energy allow.

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The workshop closed with the Prayer for Renewal. With God’s guidance and grace, the members pray that the Catholic Women’s League will remain vibrant for the next 100 years.

Connie Crichton explains the five-year Strategic Plan in a power point presentation. (Photo by Connie McGrath, CWL)