“In Exile” – Ordinary TIme

Ordinary Time By Fr. Ron Rolheiser, OMI In its calendar, the church singles out special seasons to celebrate – Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter. But, outside of these special times, it invites us to live…

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Abide In The Present Moment

By Ryan LeBlanc Maybe all the temptations in the world boil down to a panicked urge to escape the real present moment that we are actually experiencing. That’s certainly what’s happening when I have the…

Divine Mercy: The Ocean and the Sponge

By Ryan LeBlanc In my last reflection, Friend of God, I wrote about how the Easter miracle, if genuinely encountered, will necessarily leave us gob-smacked, confused, speechless, awkward. It’s just simply too big a reality….

Easter: absorbing the deepest mystery

By Ryan LeBlanc Easter is as big as it gets. The highest feast, the deepest mystery, the most … momentous … moment. Christ is Risen, and that changes everything. It has to. So, where do…