Canadian Catholic bishops release letter on use of social media

By CCCB Communications Office

On the liturgical memorial of Saint Francis de Sales Jan. 24, 2024, and with the approval of the Permanent Council, the Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) released a Pastoral Letter on the use of social media titled: “Let Your Speech Always Be Gracious.

View the CCCB letter on social media: LINK to PDF

Acknowledging the prominent role social media has come to play at an individual and societal level, the timely Pastoral Letter considers the benefits and dangers of social media from the perspective of Catholic Social Teaching. It provides tools for moral reflection and self-examination, and suggests seven commitments by which to be guided for a more ethical use of social media:

  • check for accuracy
  • seek greater perspective
  • value human dignity
  • bring curiosity into the conversation
  • distinguish between intention and impact
  • privilege “in real life” encounters
  • tend to our time spent online

The Pastoral Letter concludes with Discussion Questions to stimulate deeper reflection individually or in group settings.

“…the most fundamental way we witness to our faith is by the quality of our lives—how we treat other people; how we handle our disagreements; how we respond to challenges and disappointments. Indeed, whether we choose to be explicit about our faith on social media platforms or not, all of us are called to ensure that our conduct online gives witness to Christian virtue.” – Let Your Speech Always be Gracious, CCCB