CWL providing assistance to survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation

Members of the Catholic Women's League (CWL) at Saint Anne Parish in Saskatoon presented backpacks to Executive Director Joeline Magill of Hope Restored Canada which provides outreach and support to those fleeing human trafficking and sexual exploitation in this province. (Photo by Diane Cote)

Twelve more backpacks for Hope Restored

By Diane Coté, Catholic Women’s League

[Editor’s note: Saskatoon City Council has now approved the request of Saint Anne CWL, proclaiming that Feb. 22 will be marked as “Saskatoon Human Trafficking Awareness Day.”]

Members of Saint Anne Catholic Women’s League (CWL) Council in Saskatoon hosted the presentation of 12 backpacks to Joeline Magill, Executive Director of Hope Restored Canada on Nov. 18, 2022.

With support from the local CWL council, the backpacks were newly-assembled by IWIN (I’m Worth It Now) situated in Calgary, Alberta.  “Prayer Warrior” bracelets were left with Saint Anne CWL organizers to distribute to members of their council. Each backpack contains a matching bracelet.

Saint Anne CWL members are currently working on educating fellow parishioners on the seriousness of human trafficking in our city and province.  Ultimately, council members hope to see that the Saskatoon civic government will align with the federal government in proclaiming Feb 22 as Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

The last installment of backpacks was received by members of Holy Spirit and St. Augustine parishes in June of this year.


What is IWIN?

IWIN, working with human trafficking investigators, provides backpacks to survivors who are entering a wrap-around program to support them emotionally, physically and spiritually.  IWIN also raises awareness about the atrocity of human trafficking and its prevalence right here in our home country of Canada by providing volunteers with the opportunity to participate in a Red Sand Prayer Service. To find out more about IWIN, please visit

What is Hope Restored?

Based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Hope Restored is a charitable organization guided and led by compassionate people who care deeply about the restoration and empowerment of all people, especially those who have been impacted by sexual exploitation and trafficking. Among a range of services, Hope Restored operates an eight-bed safe house in Saskatoon for women and girls fleeing trafficking. To find out more about Hope Restored, please visit