Anti-euthanasia campaign aims to foster culture of life

By Catholic Register staff

[Toronto – Canadian Catholic News] – The Archdiocese of Toronto is throwing its support behind a new campaign that is encouraging all levels of government to provide better access to quality care and resources for people to steer them away from an expanded medical assistance in dying (MAiD) regime.

The “No Options, No Choice” campaign, launched by the Christian Medical and Dental Association of Canada, aims “to reduce or eliminate the need for the most vulnerable in our society to utilize Canada’s new medical assistance in dying laws,” said a release from the archdiocese.

The campaign wants to push governments “to broaden access to quality care and resources for those in need of palliative care, mental health services and support for people with disabilities.”

“No Options, No Choice” is a campaign for compassion and is in response to revised legislation that has removed many of the safeguards put in place when assisted suicide was first legalized in June 2016. New legislation has opened up euthanasia to more people, and will soon allow people with mental health issues to access a medically-assisted death.

“The lives of the most vulnerable people — the sick and the disabled — are in great jeopardy,”  said the archdiocese news release.

“As Catholics, we know that each life is precious and should be loved and cared for at all stages and in all conditions. The weakest and most defenceless need access to the greatest amount of love and care rather than being allowed, sometimes encouraged, to preemptively end their own lives.”

Aside from supporting the campaign and praying for the vulnerable, the archdiocese is asking Catholics to learn more about the issues at a dedicated page on the archdiocesan website devoted to information and resources about assisted suicide. They can also take action by visiting