Holy Spirit Parish CWL members step up to provide IWIN backpacks for those fleeing human trafficking

An event focused on human trafficking was held June 1, hosted by the Holy Spirit Parish Catholic Women's League (l-r): Diane Cote, St. John Bosco, CWL Liaison with Hope Restored; Camille Rochon and Shannon Granger Holy Spirit; Connie Crichton St. Mary Parish CWL; Maureen Smith-Windsor Holy Spirit, Mikayla P. with Hope Restored and Dennis with IWIN Calgary; Margaret Schwab Holy Spirit, CWL and Corinne Harms, St. Augustine CWL. (Photo courtesy of Holy Spirit Parish)

Courtesy of Holy Spirit Parish, Saskatoon

On June 1, 2022, the Catholic Women’s League council at Holy Spirit Parish in Saskatoon hosted the presentation of IWIN (I’m Worth It Now) backpacks from the IWIN Calgary headquarters to the Hope Restored organization in Saskatoon, which assists those escaping situations of human trafficking.

These backpacks are filled with a change of clothes, personal care products, a prayer bracelet and a note card to survivors of human trafficking. Hope Restored operates an eight-bed safe shelter and rehab facility, which opened in Saskatoon in Nov 2019.

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What is IWIN?

IWIN, working with human trafficking investigators, provides backpacks to survivors who are entering a wrap-around program to support them emotionally, physically and spiritually.  IWIN also raises awareness about the atrocity of human trafficking and its prevalence right here in our home country of Canada by providing volunteers with the opportunity to participate in a Red Sand Prayer Service. To find out more about IWIN, please visit www.iwininitiative.ca

What is Hope Restored?

Based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Hope Restored is a charitable organization guided and led by compassionate people who care deeply about the restoration and empowerment of all people, especially those who have been impacted by sexual exploitation and trafficking. Hope Restored has an 8 bed safe house in Saskatoon for women and girls. To find out more about Hope Restored, please visit www.hopetrestoredcanada.org

On June 14, the Holy Spirit CWL council also hosted Joeline Magill, Executive Director of Hope Restored, who brought more information about the work of the local facility. CWL members presented pajamas, socks and cash to help with some of the Hope Restored needs.

Adele Giblin and Maureen Taylor from Holy Spirit CWL present an honorarium and donations for Hope Restored, Saskatoon to Executive Director Joeline Magill. (Photo courtesy of Holy Spirit Parish)