Blackstrap Youth Camp prepares for another summer of fun, learning and faith

Blackstrap Youth Camp offers overnight week-long camps in July for children, ages 8 -14 years. The summer camp at Blackstrap Lake south of Saskatoon is operated by the Knights of Columbus.

By Lily Constantino, Camp Director, Blackstrap Youth Camp

Since 1942, the Knights of Columbus’ Blackstrap Youth Camp (BYC) has been providing enjoyment, learning and faith to Saskatchewan Children.

Here at BYC, we are dedicated to giving children a week filled with laughter, growth and memories that will last a lifetime. Our camps run throughout the month of July, where our weeks are action-packed; from our many dorm competitions to our carnival and dance to celebrate the end of the week. We even give kids a chance to get mucky and messy with our camper-favourite, the Mudpit!

Deeply rooted in our Catholic faith, we provide campers with opportunities to grow in their faith and deepen their relationship with God. We run plenty of different activities that give campers the chance to discover new ways to worship and pray; we hold weekly Mass, bible studies, and staff faith testimonies where campers are free to be inquisitive about their faith.

We aim to give children a chance to explore God and their faith in a safe and accepting environment through prayer, song, and conversation.

In between, we make sure to keep our campers busy!

We have plenty of games that encourage teamwork and leadership, sports like basketball, volleyball, and soccer, and a rec hall full of supplies to support any creative endeavours campers want to follow.

(Photo courtesy of Blackstrap Youth Camp)

With the gorgeous scenery our camp offers, we take campers on leisurely hikes to explore nature. We also teach campers how to paddleboard on Blackstrap Lake. There’s never a dull moment here at Blackstrap Youth Camp!

Interested in coming to camp? Head to to find out more about weeks and the activities we offer or to register a camper!

Have questions? Email them to and we’d be happy to help.

Blackstrap Youth Camp is seeking counsellors: BYC is seeking driven, hardworking  individuals who are passionate about sharing their faith and working with kids. This is a chance to develop leadership skills, work in nature and have a blast.

Positions include: Counsellor in Training (requires a Gr. 9 education); Junior Counsellor (requires a Gr. 10 education); Senior Counsellor (requires a Gr. 11 education).

E-mail questions and/or to apply, send a cover letter and resumé with the subject line “Application for Junior/Senior/CIT” to