Bishop visits parishes across the diocese of Saskatoon to install new pastors

Bishop Mark Hagemoen began a series of parish visits to officially install new pastors around the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon, beginning Feb. 13 with a celebration at St. Mary Parish in Saskatoon to install Fr. Kevin McGee (left). (Photo by. Jennifer Nunes, St. Mary Parish)

By Kiply Lukan Yaworski, Catholic Saskatoon News

Bishop Mark Hagemoen is once again visiting a number of parishes with newly-assigned priests, to celebrate Eucharist and to pray an optional liturgy for the installation of a pastor.

The installation prayers are a chance to reflect prayerfully on the role of the pastor, highlighting the priest’s sacramental ministry through a series of prayers at different spots throughout the church building: the altar, the ambo, the tabernacle, the baptismal font, the entrance of the church, etc.

“This isn’t a required ritual, but it is something that is an option, and we have chosen to do that because of its simple but rich symbolism about the relationship of the pastor — the priest — with the people of God,” explained Hagemoen at the first of this year’s celebrations, held Feb. 13 at St. Mary Parish in Saskatoon to install Fr. Kevin McGee as pastor.


Fr. Kevin McGee – Feb. 13, 2022 at St. Mary Parish, Saskatoon

With the departure of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (the Redemptorists) from St. Mary Parish in Saskatoon at the end of 2021, the diocesan Vicar General Fr. Kevin McGee began serving as the pastor of the downtown parish, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019.

Bishop Mark Hagemoen joined the St. Mary Parish community for celebration of the Eucharist Feb. 13 to officially install McGee as the new pastor.

“It’s my honour as the local bishop to officially install Fr. Kevin as your pastor,” said Hagemoen at the celebration held on the Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time.

“Fr. Kevin discerned God’s call to be a priest many years ago, because he discerned that God called him to be his priest for his people. So today I come to St. Mary’s — this particular people of God — to celebrrate the life and the call of this man, who has been ordained a priest, to do two key things for you. That is, to preach God’s Word, at Mass or by whatever way he teaches, by worrd and life, and to bring the sacraments of Jesus in the church for you. This is for you.”

The Word of God and the sacraments are needed for each person to answer God’s call to go forth and speak by their own word and life their hope in Christ, said Hagemoen. “We are all on this journey of deepening our discovery, our faith in the Lord, having Him take a greater place in our heart and soul so that we may know his life, his joy.”

This is an ongoing journey of healing and conversion for the pastor and for the people, he added. “Today we celebrate the gift of our one God to God’s people, the life and mission of Jesus Christ, lived out at St. Mary’s parish.”



Fr. Darryl Millette – March 6, 2022 at St. Augustine Parish, Saskatoon

During celebration of Sunday Mass live-streamed from St. Augustine Parish in Saskatoon on the First Sunday of Lent, Bishop Mark Hagemoen officially installed Fr. Darryl Millette as pastor. Millette also serves as the diocesan chancellor.

“In the presence of the holy people of God entrusted to your care, are you ready to renew your own dedication to Christ as a priest of this covenant?” the bishop asked the pastor during the prayers of installation, before moving throughout the church to pray at various significant spots, such as the entrance, the confessional, the altar, the ambo and the tabernacle.

Live-stream video of March 6, 2022 Mass (archived) – LINK