Crocheted liturgical banners are an expression of faith for Wynyard artist

The Crucifixion is one of the filet-crocheted liturgical banners that Stella Gargol of Wynyard, SK, has created over the years. Twenty-one of the banners are now for sale. (Photo by Barb Dale)

By Barb Dale, St Alphonse Parish, Viscount, SK

The art of crocheting has been a life-long and hands-on way of expressing faith for Stella Gargol – including the creation of large faith-based banners in the delicate style of filet crocheting.

Stella Gargol connects the art of crocheting to her faith — both in subject matter and in many donations throughout the years. (Photo by Barb Dale)

Now retired, the 80-year-old grandmother of five still crochets every day for many hours and says she has no intention of slowing down or retiring from her work.

Born to Rudolph and Kate Angielski, the fourth child in a family of nine brothers and sisters raised on a farm northwest of Wishart, SK, Stella started crocheting at an early age while attending country school. Her teacher at the time taught embroidery, knitting and crocheting during art classes. She soon began crocheting with thread, and made many doilies that she gifted to friends and relatives.

Stella married a local farmer, Michael Gargol and raised a family of four boys on a farm south of Wynyard. She is an avid gardener, baker and an excellent cook, but crocheting has always remained a passion. For the past 25 years, her crocheting projects have been made with yarn instead of thread.

A portrait of Jesus in filet-crochet by Stella Gargol. (Photo by Barb Dale)

After she was married, Stella began ordering patterns for filet crocheting from the United States and crocheted many liturgical banners. Over the years, Stella sold a few of these large delicately-styled banners to individuals, funeral homes, and churches.

Today Stella still has 21 faith-based banners that she would like to sell – including an image of the Crucifixion, the Last Supper, the Holy Family, the Good Shepherd, the Pieta and the Sacred Heart of Jesus (click here for list of subjects and sizes).

An avid gardener, baker and excellent cook, Stella’s deep faith and generous heart of gold also led her to donate countless projects to various organizations, including:

  • toques for the neo-natal unit of Regina Hospital;
  • blankets, lap throws, prayer shawls, shoulder wraps and slippers to seniors’ homes and hospitals in the surrounding communities, and as far away as Edmonton;
  • toques, scarves, lap throws, shoulder wraps and blankets to the Humboldt and Area Guardian Angels organization; and
  • blankets and squares to the Viscount Branch of Blankets4Canada.

The Last Supper in filet-style crocheting by Stella Gargol. (Photo by Barb Dale)


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