Trumpet These Good Tidings

(Photo by Peter Oliver)

A Christmas Poem by Peter Oliver


Don’t forget to be extraordinary,

It is the season of the Infant King!

Christ before us, Christ surrounds us,

Saints sound out the ancient hymns.


Firm our steps, Oh Divine Messiah,

Glad make our tidings, unrestrained,

Angels and majestic strangers,

Sinners doff the primal shame.


What no place at the inn?


Our homes are welcome and warm to Thee,

Wondering, pondering,


Glory be!


This faith’s a gift, no shadow cast,

Long enough, nor deeply dark,

Canst beset our kindled joy,

nor less the bells, cross hill and park.


And blessed blessedness everyone,

Who shares with us these certain graces!

Robed, royal, replying still

Hallowing destitution’s harrowed faces.


Is the promise sure? Yes, sure friends.

Is the promise realized? Yes, and more,


Heaven here and besides,

Child’s heart made, molded, mended,

As it were, eternal life, apprehended!


Peter Oliver is Executive Director of the Catholic Health Association of Saskatchewan (CHAS). He and his wife Madeline also operate Olive Branch Marriage and Family Ministry in Saskatoon.