Introducing the new provincial animator for Development and Peace / Caritas Canada: Michael LeBlanc

In a recent video (below), Michael LeBlanc, reflects on his new role as provincial animator of Development and Peace /Caritas Canada. (Image from Development and Peace video)

By Michael LeBlanc, Provincial Animator, Development and Peace/Caritas Canada

[With special thanks to Ryan Mitchell (camera, edit, sound) and Bernice Daratha, diocesan D & P chair in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon – Text version below.]

Hello, my name is Michael LeBlanc and I am so grateful to be joining you as the new Animator for the dioceses of Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert and Keewatin-Le Pas.

The role of Animator within the organization of Development and Peace is to recruit, form, and accompany the members as they undertake the mission of Social Justice within their communities and the world.

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Development and Peace is the official development organization of the Catholic Church in Canada.

We are a democratic movement of every day people seeking international solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the global south, particularly the poor and the marginalized.

We partner with many local and grass roots organizations to provide alternatives to unjust social and economic systems — by supporting women in their search for social and economic justice, promoting democracy and full participation in society, and care for our common home by protecting and defending the environment – and so much more.

Not a day goes by where I am not edified and thankful to be welcomed into such a passionate and active organization of members.

Countless times, I am reminded of comic-book superheros as I watch our members go to work, go to school, look after their grand kids, and live their busy lives only to switch gears and donate of their free time to the cause of social justice.

Every single member of Development and Peace has their own unique, individual story and I am continually amazed at the passion and the dedication I have seen as they make the time to help make a difference.

Whether you want to become part of our network of volunteers, learn more about our powerful and graced filled partner organizations doing life-changing work in developing countries, or just find out a little more about what we do you can reach out to me any time at or by going to  our website,

Give today to support Development and Peace’s work in the Global South: LINK

Our passion for our faith and for social justice can only grow as we express it, and I invite you to make a difference this year as we all continue this journey together.