St. Augustine Catholic School in Saskatoon celebrates Treaty Medal installation

Students at St. Augustine School, Saskatoon examine the Treaty Medal officially installed at the Catholic School March 26. (GSCS photo)

By Derrick Kunz, Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools

St. Augustine School in Saskatoon celebrated a Treaty 6 medal installation March 26, marking a formal commitment to continued learning about our past history, deepening understanding of treaties and journeying toward reconciliation.

Artwork created in conjunction with the Treaty 6 medal installation. (GSCS photo)

Working with artist Kevin Pee-ace, students created a beautiful piece of art in conjunction with the Treaty 6 medal project. The endeavour generated much excitement, dialogue and learning for the school community.

Bishop Mark Hagemoen sent a message to the Saskatoon school on the occasion of the installation, saying “Blessings and congratulations to the community of St. Augustine’s for this commitment and celebration today. May this event continue to inspire all our efforts and building our relationships as brothers and sisters of our One Great Creator and God.”

Replicas of the Treaty 6 medal have been installed at a number of Catholic schools and Catholic parishes in recent years, highlighting the spirit and the intent of treaty relationships.


(GSCS photo)