100 Words – 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time: “Home”

Photo by Army Amber (Pixabay)

By Peter Oliver, Olive Branch Marriage and Family Ministry

When Jesus turned and saw them following, he said to them, “What are you looking for?” (John 1:38)

Fear. We can become so afraid that we don’t even know we’re afraid.

A casualty of this kind of fear is the loss of a sense of home. Home, that place where we are loved; where we are confident, secure, joy-filled – a place where we belong.

The first words Jesus speaks in John’s gospel are, “What are you looking for?”

The disciples’ fascinating response, “Where are you staying?” – Christ-God (Lamb of God), where do you live?

Abstractions don’t help frightened people. Jesus doesn’t offer abstract answers. He says, “Come and see.”Come and abide with me. I am your HOME.

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