Sanctum 1.5 marks second anniversary of providing care to pregnant women

Sanctum 1.5 recently marked its second anniversary in Saskatoon, providing care for at-risk pregnant women and new moms. (Courtesy of Sanctum Care Group)

Editor’s note: The  Sanctum Care Group mission is “to provide care to people living with HIV/AIDS that is dignified, non-judgmental and unconditional.” The organization’s work includes Sanctum, a hospice and transitional care home for those living with HIV and dealing with challenges such as homelessness, and Sanctum 1.5,  a 10-bed pre-natal care home supporting high-risk and HIV positive pregnant women at risk of having their infants apprehended at birth. Interim Executive Director Jamesy Patrick recently provided this update on Sanctum 1.5.

Sanctum 1.5 is TWO!

By Jamesy Patrick, Interim Executive Director, Sanctum Care Group

In just two years, Sanctum 1.5 has supported the mothers of 41 babies to allow them to safely care for their children and to prevent apprehension.

In just two years:

  • 41 mothers have been offered the opportunity to parent their babies
  • 40 babies have been born: 34 have transitioned out of the program and at this time there are currently 7 in the program
  • 40 babies have been born: 31 babies are living with their mothers in the community or are currently residing at Sanctum with their mothers.
  • Sanctum provided support in the planning and placement of 8 babies with family rather than those babies entering the foster care system.
  • All babies are healthy and no vertical transmission of HIV
  • Sanctum 1.5 is the first place in the world to implement Eat Sleep Console model of care and of the 40 babies born only 6 babies were started on Morphine for neo-natal abstinence syndrome.
  • Additionally, 26 other children were returned to their mother’s care.
  • This means that 55 children were either prevented from entering the foster care system or returned from in-care placements.

Also, our Executive Director, Katelyn Roberts has had her first baby!

Watch out for our Sanctum Survivor Alumni Fundraising Campaign.

I love getting to know the work that we’re doing at Sanctum, and seeing the impact that it’s having in our city. Thank you for the gift of this second birthday in this amazing home. It’s amazing to be a part of this.


For more information, including how to help, visit the Sanctum Care Group website:  LINK.