St. Peter’s College introduces new Diploma in Writing and New Media

By Krystal Shutko, Student Services Officer, St. Peter’s College

It’s no secret that St. Peter’s College in Muenster, SK is a smart place to start a university career.

Students flourish in small classes with personable instructors, excellent advisors, and friendly, efficient staff. Still, with enrolment on the rise, students want to stand out.

With competition for grades, scholarships and internships growing on larger campuses, what can students do to prepare for the job market itself? Employers and professors agree: distinguished students solve problems, think critically and creatively, work well on teams, they are comfortable learning new technologies and strategies, and most importantly, they convey fresh ideas clearly and persuasively.

St. Peter’s College will launch the Diploma in Writing and New Media in fall 2020. This brand-new two-year program teaches craft, critical thinking, research, collaboration, and self-assessment and ways to apply these skills in new media.

Whether it involves writing fiction or graphic novels, podcasts or poetry, producing websites or YouTube, this innovative program will connect participants to a network of working writers. The diploma ends with real work experience at a business chosen specifically for each individual student.

“Go ahead. Distinguish yourself.” For more information about the Diploma in Writing and New Media, go to Spaces are limited.