Friendship Inn adapting services to feed neighbours in need during COVID-19 shutdown

Friendship Inn has shifted to take-away service only given COVID-10 prevention measures -- financial donations are needed to answer the growing need. (Photo by Tim Yaworski, Catholic Saskatoon News)

By Saskatoon Friendship Inn

Compassion for our neighbours in need spurred an immediate desire to help guests of the Friendship Inn as COVID 19 reached Saskatchewan.

“Individuals of all ages will always get food from us,” says Executive Director Sandra Kary.

“Donations from individuals and businesses enabled the Inn to quickly move to take-away, from its usual sit down meals, and will continue to be crucial as our service evolves.”

While the Inn initially sought food and other items necessary to prepare bagged lunches, cash donations are now preferred.

“Funds will give us the ability to move quickly, to buy the resources we need, to be safe and efficient, and keep folks out of the grocery stores if they don’t need to be there,” says Sandra Kary.

As numerous organizations collaborate on a community response to the virus, the Inn is preparing to meet a demand that could potentially surpass the 1,000 meals per day served before the outbreak.

More people are expected to require support from community organizations like the Inn, because they lacked the financial resources to stockpile groceries or have been laid off.

At the same time, grocers overwhelmed by a surge in customer purchases are unlikely to have surplus food to donate to the Inn and its employees are working without their usual valued volunteer teams.

To make up for the decrease in donated food and simplify employees’ workload, the Inn will begin purchasing food in bulk based on planned menus.

People wishing to contribute funds towards these additional expenses are invited to donate online ( or by mail (619 20th Street West, Saskatoon, S7M 0X8).

Every donation counts as meals typically cost $5 per plate to provide.