Inspire YXE faith-based conference in Saskatoon strives to help youth overcome obstacles and influence the world

Inspire YXE was also held in 2019 (File photos by Curtis Wagner)

Inspire YXE – Media Release

More than 1,000 Saskatchewan grade 6-12 youth will gather March 6-7 at Inspire YXE, a faith-based youth conference.

Nearly 20 guests will be presenting including Jassie Virk, cohost of the Alpha Youth Film Series and Leah Perrault, Director of Mission at St. Paul’s Hospital. Inspire YXE will explore topics such as leadership, mental health, truth and reconciliation, social justice, cultural diversity and spiritual growth.

Youth will have opportunities to express themselves creatively through workshops in hip hop dance, graffiti painting, floor hockey, basketball and more during the conference.

The Inspire YXE planning team is a diverse group of teachers and youth workers from various churches and organizations in Saskatoon. They recognized a need to create more opportunities to support youth. “We believe that young people have so much to offer our community, but their voices are often silenced because of the struggles they face. Sometimes they just need someone to believe in them and help them realize that there is an amazing plan and purpose for their life” explained Curt Wagner, Inspire YXE event promoter.

The vision of Inspire YXE is to bring grade 6-12 students together from all over the province to inspire them to overcome their struggles and be influencers for positive change in the world.

Inspire YXE is also a celebration of multicultural diversity in Saskatchewan. “By bringing diverse communities together, we want to build positive cross-cultural connections and break down racial barriers and misconceptions. We want to create unity among Saskatchewan youth,” says Wagner.

Inspire YXE is a big budget event, but due to the generosity of local sponsors, all participants will receive a free ticket when registering. Last April, INSPIRE YXE 2019 welcomed 800 youth and leaders from across the province. In the words of an attendee from last year “INSPIRE taught me how to overcome my struggle and that my life has purpose.”

Inspire YXE is geared for youth but parents, caregivers and youth leaders are invited to join in for the main sessions, attend specially designed workshops and check out the various booths at the trade show. Food will be available for purchase on site.

Inspire YXE is taking place at Elim Church in Saskatoon.

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