Thousands of Christians will gather together in Saskatoon for Pentecost 2020

By Kiply Lukan Yaworski, Catholic Saskatoon News

Christian churches in Saskatoon will join together at SaskTel Centre on the afternoon of May 31, 2020 to pray and worship God through song, prayer, scripture, and fellowship at a massive prayer service entitled “Pentecost 2020: One in the Holy Spirit.”

Pentecost 2020 organizers say they envision the gathering as an overdue “family reunion” for the Christian churches in Saskatoon – but it is a family reunion with an open invitation to anyone who might be curious about God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  Pentecost 2020 is a time and place to see the church as one expression of Christian faith in all its diversity.

We will sing, confess our faith, hear scriptures, pray, and acknowledge where we have missed the mark as church.” – Pentecost 2020 Vision website

Organizers say: “By focusing on Jesus Christ and His unifying Person we can gather under one roof despite our differences, reflecting a God who is three persons in one communion. The common understanding is that there are several churches because of how we as a church have acted. But there is only one church – the body of Christ, and He is not divided. It is time that we begin to reflect that reality in practical ways.”

Doors for the free event open at 2 p.m., with the celebration beginning at 3 p.m. on May 31, the Sunday on which many Christians celebrate Pentecost – a day commemorating the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples of Jesus, held 50 days after Easter.

Showing love, respect and care for one another, despite differences, is how people will know that you are my followers, said Jesus some 2000 years ago, note the organizers of Pentecost 2020.

“As a church – one body with many members – we acknowledge and confess that we often have misused the trust and abused the power we have been entrusted with. In many ways we have failed in the witness we are called to. At the same time, it is our hope and belief that in confessing our common faith in God and in God’s ability to heal that which is broken, we find the way to renewed life and witness,” says fr. Jakob Palm of Holy Covenant Evangelical Orthodox Church.

At a closing celebration for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in January, fr. Jakob Palm of Holy Covenant Evangelical Orthodox Church noted the Pentecost 2020 event planned for May 31 in Saskatoon as another important ecumenical event in the life of the community. (Photo by Cathryn Wood of Prairie Centre for Ecumenism)

Palm spoke about the upcoming Pentecost 2020 event during his talk at the closing service for this year’s Week of Prayer for Christian Unity held Jan. 26 at St. Philip Neri Church in Saskatoon. “I believe that Pentecost 2020 on May 31 at Sasktel Centre is part of the answer to prayers for unity that have gone on in Saskatoon for many years.”

The list of participating Christian churches involved in Pentecost 2020 is growing, and includes:

  • The Bridge Fellowship Center
  • C3 Church Saskatoon
  • Holy Covenant Evangelical Orthodox Church
  • Hope Fellowship Church
  • Emmanuel Baptist Church
  • Awakening Church
  • Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saskatoon
  • Elim Church
  • 15:5 Church
  • The Rock Church
  • St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
  • Forest Grove Community Church
  • Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
  • House For All Nations
  • Prairie Centre for Ecumenism
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon
  • Louise Street Community Church of the Nazarene
  • Campus Collective
  • Anglican Diocese of Saskatoon
  • City Centre Church

Pentecost 2020 will involve recruiting a range of volunteers, including plans for creating a large ecumenical choir to lead singing at the event.

There will also be opportunities to help with fundraising via an online campaign at: