Advent hymns – video project by Fr. Darryl Millette

(Article updated with fourth video on Dec, 14, 2019)

By Kiply Lukan Yaworski, Catholic Saskatoon News

Through the wonders of digital computer editing, Fr. Darryl Millette is multiplying his own voice to sing in harmony — with himself.

By digitally combining audio tracks and video footage, the pastor of Holy Spirit Parish in Saskatoon is presenting some of his best-loved Advent hymns in an intriguing and creative way — and it sounds great too. As director, videographer, recording technician, editor and performer, Millette is combining many skills to produce the videos being released each week of the Advent season.

“Advent hymns are among my favourites,” says Millette of the project. He describes using a drum / metronome track to keep himself in time as he recorded the different tracks on the first two videos that feature the hymns O Come Divine Messiah and O Come O Long Expected Jesus.

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The posts are getting lots of “likes” and “shares” and favourable comments on the various social media platforms on which they appear.

View the videos below:

O Come O Come Emmanuel:

O Come O Long Expected Jesus:

O Come Divine Messiah:

The Advent hymn project also includes some more straightforward audio tracks in the Dec. 9 addition “Creator of the Stars of Night,” which features Millette on keyboard — “just me and my microphone and my piano out in the freezing cold”– with one simple voice track to go with this “hauntingly beautiful and simple hymn that speaks so much to our hopes in Jesus Christ.”

Creator of the Stars of Night:

The Advent project is part of an ongoing project undertaken by Millette — also known as “” — in which Millette presents short videos on a near-weekly basis, utilizing his audio-visual and computer editing skills to reflect, entertain and evangelize.

Starting as a “Ten Second Tuesday” project, the weekly videos are sometimes a bit longer than 10 seconds — as is the case with the Advent hymns — and sometimes appear on days other than Tuesday. The results are shared on his website as well as via social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter). Other features of the website include regular blog entries, homily audio files,  and photos.

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