Farmland Legacies introduces a Christmas gift catalogue to support raising sustainable food for the hungry

Photo submitted by Farmland Legacies.

By Matthew Dipple, Community Outreach Manager, Farmland Legacies

Please consider joining Farmland Legacies in providing food for the hungry as a part of your gift-giving this Christmas.

Read more about the mission and work of Farmland Legacies: ARTICLE

Farmland Legacies is a Saskatchewan-based charity that works to build a food system which meets the needs of farmers, of the land, and of the hungry in our communities.

One way Farmland Legacies does this is by raising grass-fed beef on its farm near Wynyard, SK, for use by food banks and soup kitchens in the province. As a charitable organization, Farmland Legacies relies on donations to cover the cost of raising, processing and delivering the meat to food banks and soup kitchens.

Through its 2019 Christmas Gift Catalogue, Farmland Legacies invites others to be a part of this mission. To participate, please click on the 2019 Christmas Gift Catalogue link, choose a gift from the catalogue, and follow the steps in the online form. There is an option to receive an e-card specifying the gift donated – the e-card can then be given to a friend or family member for Christmas.

Those who prefer not to use the online order form are invited to instead e-email Matthew Dipple, Community Outreach Manager, with their gift choice at