Farmland Legacies working to care for creation and feed the hungry

By Duane Guina, Farmland Legacies

Are you looking for ways to follow the Christian call to care for creation, and to feed the hungry? Have you heard about Farmland Legacies?

Farmland Legacies is a Saskatchewan charity whose mission is to help build a food system which meets the needs of farmers, of the land, and of the hungry in our community.

Meeting the needs of the hungry:

Farmland Legacies has a farm north of Wynyard, SK, where it raises grass-fed beef cattle. Since 2014, the organization has donated this beef to food banks and soup kitchens in the province, through the generosity of its supporters. Every $1 donated covers the cost of one serving of ground beef. Grass-fed beef is a high-quality, nutritious protein which enhances the nutrition that food banks are able to offer.

Last year 47,000 servings were donated and the target for this year is 60,000 servings. In the Saskatoon Diocese in 2018, Farmland Legacies gave beef to food banks in Saskatoon, Kindersley, Biggar, Rosetown, Outlook, Lanigan, and Wynyard, as well as Saskatoon’s Friendship Inn.

Meeting the needs of the land:

By raising its cattle herd on grass, and practicing holistic management Farmland Legacies is able to work with, rather than against nature to produce good quality local food. Two other initiatives to work with nature include incorporating leafcutter bees as pollinators to improve its pastures, and producing solar power to run a number of electric fences and water bowls. The organization also works on projects to educate about sustainable agriculture including speaking in churches and classrooms.

Meeting the needs of farmers:

Farmland Legacies is a land trust which acquires arable land through donation or bequest and leases that land to farmers who share the organization’s commitment to sustainable agricultural practices and who act as stewards of the land. Farmland Legacies works with leaseholders to ensure that the land is managed responsibly, with a focus on providing long-term, ecologically sound stewardship.

Farmland Legacies invites you to join in the mission of looking for new ways to care for our planet while creating a society that is life-giving for all.

How can you get involved?

  1. Visit our website at or our social media @farmlandlegacies on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to learn more.
  2. Donate to our current GoFundMe campaign called “Harvest for Hunger”
  3. Check out our Christmas gift catalogue in November through social media or our website for a meaningful gift option to give to someone special.
  4. Invite us to your church or school. Contact: Farmland Legacies, P.O. Box 1768, 100 Bosworth Street, Wynyard SK S0A 4T0; (306) 554-5263.