Students explore options at St. Peter’s College in Muenster

The Opportunities Edge Career Fair hosted by St. Peter's College provided information to high school students about options and opportunities. (Submitted photo)

By Krystal Shutko, Student Services Officer

On Oct. 2, 2019, St. Peter’s College in Muenster again hosted the Opportunities Edge Career Fair.

Some 500 high schools students from the surrounding area visited the college for the annual event, which included 35 exhibits and a number of presentations. The career fair provides an opportunity for high school students to review many different options for their future.

As most applications are now open for all colleges and universities next year, it is important that students know all their options. St. Peter’s College has hosted this career fair for years, offering a central location for many of the surrounding high schools.

Opportunities Edge also gives students a chance to check out St. Peter’s College and consider it as an option for starting their university studies. The college located at St. Peter’s Abbey in Muenster, SK, offers University of Saskatchewan classes taught by University of Saskatchewan professors and is a great place to take an entire first year of studies.

The well-attended career fair would not happen without the support of sponsors and volunteers.

Awards Day held

This year St. Peter’s College presented $79,913 in awards to students. (Submitted photo)

At an annual Awards Day Ceremony earlier in the fall, St. Peter’s College brought together students, families, donors and dignitaries to celebrate the accomplishments of students.

Most of the students who received scholarships and bursaries (and their families) were in attendance at the Sept. 21 Awards Day to accept their awards, meet some of the donors, have lunch and have their pictures taken. Through the generosity of donors, the College handed out $79,913 in awards to 52 students this year.

The scholarships and bursaries vary, and provide opportunities for any St. Peter’s College student to apply for an award. Many of the awards have been running long term and yet new ones appear each year. The awards differ in their requirements: for instance, financial need, high grades, or community involvement, just to name a few. As well, awards vary in amount, from $250 up to $7,000 for individual winners.

Awards go to first-year students who are just starting their university studies at St. Peter’s College and a few others go to exiting St. Peter’s College students, who are headed to the main University of Saskatchewan campus to continue pursuing degrees. Donors who provide these awards create an outstanding additional advantage for students attending St. Peter’s College to start university studies(who are also able to apply for other University of Saskatchewan or external awards.)

For more information about the opportunities at St. Peter’s Colllege see: