Video: Bishop Mark Hagemoen in conversation with four young adults about “Christus Vivit”

In conversation about "Christus Vivit" are (left to right): Kaitlyn Deck, Jerome Montpetit, Bishop Mark Hagemoen, Catherine Renneberg, and Clark Jaman. (Photo and video by Tim Yaworski, Catholic Saskatoon News)

Addressing the themes, messages and challenges of Pope Francis’ post-Synod Apostolic Exhortation – “Christus Vivit” (Christ is Alive)

Bishop Mark Hagemoen of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon recently sat down with four young adults to discus Christus Vivit – Pope Francis’ message to youth, which came out of the “Synod on Young People, Faith and Vocational Discernment” held in October 2018.

Full video:

Pope Francis writes: “I have let myself be inspired by the wealth of reflections and conversations that emerged from last year’s Synod. I cannot include all those contributions here, but you can read them in the Final Document. In writing this letter, though, I have attempted to summarize those proposals I considered most significant. In this way, my words will echo the myriad voices of believers the world over who made their opinions known to the Synod. Those young people who are not believers, yet wished to share their thoughts, also raised issues that led me to ask new questions.” (Christus Vivit #4)

Participants in the video conversation with Bishop Hagemoen are:  

Video Excerpts:

To assist in viewing and in using the video for discussion of “Christus Vivit,” Bishop Hagemoen’s conversation with four young adults is also available in nine short sections (click on title):

Part 1 – Introduction / General Impressions of “Christus Vivit” (6:30)

Part 2 – Characteristics of the Young / Respect for Elders (5:57)

Part 3 – Priorities and Hope / The Saints (9:06)

Part 4 – Synodality and its Meaning for Youth Ministry (7:14)

Part 5 – The Sexual Abuse Crisis (7:57)

Part 6 – Section 143 – “Live!” / Human Sexuality (4:43)

Part 7 – Youth Ministry and “Christus Vivit” (9:22)

Part 8 – Vocation and Discernment and “Christus Vivit” (8:07)

Part 9 – Themes in “Christus Vivit” (6:52)