Justice and Outreach Year (JOY) concludes with missioning celebration June 8

[Saskatoon Catholic News] – The 2019 Justice and Outreach Year (JOY) program sent forth another group of graduates June 8 in a celebration at St. Francis Xavier parish in Saskatoon.

This year’s JOY graduates are: Andrea Alas, Erin Betke , Jennifer Clerke, Rita Gillies, Andy Korvemaker, Lisa Skorski, Ron Lepage and Wendy Lepage.

JOY formation has been a year of reflection, getting to know our community, and learning that to make a difference you don’t have to be overwhelmed by all the big issues that we have, and try and fix everything, but make a difference one person at a time.” – Wendy Lepage, 2019 JOY graduate

The diocesan JOY program is held on a Friday/Saturday one weekend a month, offering participants a hands-on, practical experience of Catholic Social Teaching, exploring such themes as:

  • International development, Economic Injustice & Peace
  • Refugees
  • Walking with Indigenous/ Métis people
  • Anti-poverty
  • Human Dignity
  • Health & Elder Care
  • Hunger & Food
  • Restorative Justice
  • Youth & Family
  • Care of the Earth & Ecological Justice

By visiting local service agencies, meeting with those who work in these social justice fields and being with the people they serve, participants will gain an opportunity to broaden their understanding of the issues at hand and become equipped with the skills to engage in service outreach. Participants will be invited to enter into a process of personal transformation.

“It has been a really good year. I have learned a lot about what happens in our community, and what has been happening in our world, and all the different associations that are out there and the things that people are doing in the community for other people – it’s really opened my eyes to what is happening in our community and in our world.” – Lisa Skorski, 2019 JOY graduate

Applications are now being accepted for the fall – contact Kate O’Gorman at kogorman@rcdos.ca for more information.

 My growth has been with service work and getting an understanding of how important that really is for all of us to get involved in that, and to try and make a difference in our own little way. There is a lot of need out there and there is a fit for everybody.” – Ron Lepage, 2019 JOY graduate

(JOY is one of the many ministries supported by the Bishop’s Annual Appeal.)