You too can make an eternal difference in the lives of kids — for generations to come

Kelly and Dale Aalbers share the impact of ministries such as Cat.Chat on their lives and their vocational discernment.

Impact of ministry and evangelization

By Gerald Montpetit, Cat.Chat Productions

If it wasn’t for my ancestors passing on the faith from generation to generation and then down to me, who knows where I would be! Kids today are being swallowed up by a culture that is removing God, and especially Catholicism, out of its strong and influential worldview.

If a child doesn’t learn to build on the foundation of Christ and His Church, they will miss out on the amazing mission and adventure God has for their lives. They’ll develop into adults who adopt the world’s view and become less capable of making truly wise, God-honoring decisions that can make an eternal difference in their lives and for generations to come. 2000 years of Catholic culture needs to continue moving forward.

In cooperation with a great team, and of course the Holy Spirit, you have an opportunity to penetrate the hearts and lives of so many kids. What a privilege

Two brothers, currently in the seminary, share how Cat.Chat and other ministries impacted their faith life as kids and helped guide them to pursue the call Jesus had on their lives:

Kelly and Dale Aalbers share the impact of ministries such as Cat.Chat on their lives and their vocational discernment.

A Cat.Chat Story from the Aalbers Brothers:

Two brothers, one faith, one baptism, one mission. We grew up living in several communities across Western Canada, and our spiritual homes were the Catholic Family Life conference, and Face to Face Ministry’s events.

It was at the Catholic Family Life conference that we first encountered Cat.Chat. From the catchy songs to the approachableness of Moses the Cat and the “Cat-Chat Man”, they brought the faith to a level that was digestible to us and any young person. The Catechesis that we received through Cat.Chat at that time was essential to the growth of our faith.

One of the best experiences we had with Cat.Chat was attending a local concert in Bruno, Sk. At the time we were both students at St. Therese Institute and good friends with the Montpetit’s. As University students, we appreciated seeing the genius of this ministry in boiling down and expressing our beautiful faith in a very practical way.

Indeed, everyone who works in the Church shares in the role of passing on the faith, and helping others encounter Jesus. This encounter with Jesus, through Cat.Chat and other ministries at a young age, was an important part of our lives that helped guide us to pursuing Jesus’s call on our life to join the Companions of the Cross and go through the seminary on our path to priesthood.

Kelly and Dale Aalbers,
Companions of the Cross

A few final words to parents, grandparents, teachers, pastors, and other leaders:

Thank you for what you do. You are making an eternal difference in the lives of kids, for generations to come.

We are praying for you all and hope that one day we will share in the eternal feast.

In Christ,
Gerald Montpetit
Co-Founder, Cat.Chat Productions

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